Works In Progress

The Group: Jason; Release Date TBD 2024

Jason is Book 4 in The Group Series and this book will be wrapping up their adventures. Is it the end? Probably not. 


Zombie Book - Title Unknown; Release Date TBD 2024

Billie and Hailey are pool professionals that own their own business. They go about their day when they realize today is not just any other day. Will they make it the day? The week? How long can they survive while trying to solve the mystery of the Zombie Apocalypse?


Interdimensional/Many Worlds Theory Sci-fi - Title Unknown; Release Date TBD 2024

A group of aliens attack the human race throughout the multi-verse. One girl, Raven, the chosen one, can sense them before the warriors show up.  How does she fit in the plan? Is she strong enough to save this reality from total annihilation?


The Federation; Release Date TBD 2025

Book 5 in The Group Series, we dive deep into The Federation and who they are, why they are, and what the hell is their game plan? Keep your ears open for the release date!


Epic Mayhem: The Jennifer Chronicles - Release Date TBD 2025

Peek into the life of the beloved Detective Sgt Jennifer Amato when she was just an officer. This is a prequel to the Epic Mayhem series in honor of my beloved friend, Jeff Thomson. Rest easy big guy.