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Come visit the post-apocalyptic world that JL Foulk (writting as Jenn Amato) has created in her first series, The Group. Join Jana, Stacy, Aaron, and Jason on an adventure as they try to live in the new world that they had no choice but to try to survive in. They didn't ask for this and they never wanted to wade through all the crap, but here they are. Once thriving, they get thrown into traveling the open and unsafe road, venturing down to Nashville where there is rumored to be a safe zone. Will they make it to Nashville? Is it really safe? Start reading to find out!

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Release date 1/9/24

Aaron is the third installment in The Group Series. Check out this new world where the dead walk and you can never be sure about strangers you meet. Want to pre-order? Click HERE and get directed to Amazon. Don't forget to follow JL Foulk on Amazon and get notices of all her new releases!

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“JL Foulk's books have the ability to captivate readers from the very first page. Her storytelling skills are unparalleled, and each book leaves you wanting more. I highly recommend her work.”

— Emily Johnson

Rating: 5 stars
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